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Furilius Pitch
"Forget my ambition!  It's your ambition I'm here to satisfy.  You want entertainment -- grand entertainment!  But with spirit and style.  Something to reflect the unique you! Furilius shall provide! Customized Avatar Signature Cards!  Avatar Adventures!  Games! Contests!  Mugs!  T-Shirts!  Collectable Figurines!  You name it!  And it's all colorfully custom tailored to your impeccable taste!"
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Profile for Furilius Pitch
Name Furilius Pitch  
Title Interdimensional Salesfox  
Member # 19  
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Registered on Tue Mar 06 2001  
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Location Anywhere and everywhere there's a sale to be made!  
Avatar Profile
Furilius Pitch Interdimensional Salesfox at your service!
Ancient, perhaps 1000's of years old, but appears to be in his mid-40's
Somewhat dwarfish with oversized head
Coloration (skin, scales, fur, feathers, hair, etc.)
Reddish orange fur with tufts of white fur on face, inside ears, on palms, top and bottom of feet, torso, front neck and end of tail
Eye Color
Black with an occasional twinkle
Purple striped suit with yellow shirt and yellow handkerchief
Salesfox primarily. Additional duties include promoter, organizer, diplomat, art/copy editor, office manager, legal advisor, forum administrator and website designer.
Affiliations (family, friends, organizations)
Co-Administrator of the NCD community with Karol Luis (2001-2005) and Krinele Fullin (2005-present), Manages The Psychedelic Artists
Several rings, each with a history. A gold multi-dimensional pocket watch which he usually keeps tucked away in his shirt pocket. Can summon accessories on a whim, such as a laptop computer, a video camera and assorted briefcases. Briefcases usually contain merchandise samples or sales presentation materials.
Abilities/Skills & Power Level
Furilius Pitch's primary skills are as an organizer and salesfox. He can zero in on what people really want and figure out a creative way to satisfy those needs. His knowledge of interdimensional portals and ability to transverse them allows him to connect the goods/services from one dimension with the needs of another.

Furilius has no particular physical or magical powers for attacks or defenses (other than portal travel), but it is rare to find him in a situation where he is at a disadvantage. He usually knows more about what is happening (or is about to happen) than anyone who would try to oppose him. Usually no one would even want to or even think to oppose him, which is, of course, the greatest defense of all.
Like many salesfoxes, Furilius has a tendency to slant the truth or oversell, promising more than he is actually able to deliver. This leads to disappointment and unsatisfied customers. He also prefers high risk endeavors over wiser, more conservative projects. He's been known to overextend beyond his resources, leading to burn-out and unfinished projects.

In his inexperienced younger years, he often fell victim to tar-and-feathering's (or variations thereof) by communities who felt (rightly or wrongly) that they'd been had. Though much rarer today, Furilius accepts such humiliations as a calculated risk that goes with the sales territory and never holds it against the angry mobs.
Special Effects (if any)
Furilius's ability to travel through portals in conjunction with his multi-dimensional pocket watch (a "cosmic clock"), allow him to manipulate time in a way that often seems impossible to those without the proper maps.
Description of Personality
Despite his age, Furilius has no shortage of energy and enthusiasm. He is generally friendly, diplomatic and encouraging, but can be difficult to truly know on a personal level. His greatest satisfaction comes from selling the most ephemeral commodity of all--the magic of dreams.
Brief History
His pioneering efforts in trans-dimensional commerce would be legendary if he weren't so good at covering his tracks. Furilius realized long ago that fame and reputation do not behoove a salesfox like they do a celebrity or politician. People are suspicious of the sales profession, and fame would also allow his competitors to research his methods and history. So he darts in and out of worlds, choosing allies carefully, generally outmaneuvering his competitors through his vast experience. Sales adventures in so many different worlds and diverse historical eras has allowed him to quickly master any land's laws and customs and achieve success under almost any set of circumstances.

In earth year 1998, he contacted human cartoonists, Schaefer and Ward to create a webcomic based on the past lives of his mystical acquaintance, Zen-Dao Meow. This webcomic led to his latest and greatest enterprise, a series of gateways, in the form of messageboard threads, connecting to the infinite dimensions of The Napping Cat's Dream. He is currently developing this project with his skilled and trusted colleague, Karol Luis and a team of talented creators known as The Psychedelic Artists. While he will occasionally adventure within the dream worlds, his primary concern is the management and promotion of the overall system.
Key Appearances
First ever appearance in Memories & Worries
First Dream Ditty appearance in The Confidence Game
Presentation of first Psychedelic Avatar Card in The Resurrection Of Dork Lord
First past life appearance in Intersecting Agendas
Furilius's favorite thread: The Great Bonus Card Race Part 1 & Part 2
Moderator of the PITCH forum
Creator and moderator of The Webcomic Book Club
A brief and character revealing answer to the question, "What is your ambition?"
"Forget my ambition! It's your ambition I'm here to satisfy. You want entertainment--grand entertainment! But with spirit and style. Something to reflect the unique you! Furilius shall provide! Customized Avatar Signature Cards! Avatar Adventures! Games! Contests! Mugs! T-Shirts! Collectable Figurines! You name it! And it's all colorfully custom tailored to your impeccable taste!"

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