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"My dear friends, I do not mind that you laugh -- quite the contrary - I encourage mirth.  I realize that I may look fat and foolish, but I shall tell you one thing that you will never forget.  There are indeed items of magic power out there and those who run the machines do not want them found.  I intend to obtain them all." 
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Name Pigham  
Title Member  
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Registered on Thu Mar 01 2001  
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Location The prison known as The Napping Cat's Dream  
Avatar Profile
Appears to be middle-aged (40-something)
5' 10"
Immensely fat
Coloration (skin, scales, fur, feathers, hair, etc.)
Pink skin, no hair
Eye Color
Business suit, usually dark blue and a half a size too small
Businessman, occultist, demon summoner, magic artifact collector
Affiliations (family, friends, organizations)
Founder and CEO of Pigham's Cookies. Active in the underground talisman trade.
Assorted magic items. Usually focuses on one in particular at any given time. Currently into the avatar summoning potential of Psychedelic Avatar Cards. Will always have the following at his current place of residence: hookah & weed, summoning supplies (chalk, candles, incense, curtains).
Pigham has no pets and actively dislikes animals, as well as babies and other irrational creatures.
Abilities/Skills & Power Level
Pigham is usually surrounded by powerful henchmen and lets them handle any combat. A practicing occultist, Pigham can summon and bind lesser demons as his minions. But Pigham himself is no slouch, and can use telekinesis effectively in combat situations, fumbling his opponents or manipulating levitated items as weapons.

Excellent in the art of negotiation, Pigham can often convince potential adversaries that they actually share the same agenda and would do better working as a team. Pigham has some mind control ability but does not possess the supernatural skills of a master like Manchia (unless Pigham uses the hookah, see below).

Pigham is skilled at designing maps and (to a lesser extent) magic items, though he leaves the physical construction of these items to others. He considers his own creations merely utilitarian rather than sacred. He possesses a scholar's level of skill in linguistics and semiotics and can decipher obscure languages, codes, charts, etc., if their contents are of interest to him. Pigham has undergone numerous shamanistic hookah-induced journeys within his mind, developing a complex theory of metaphysics which he enjoys expounding upon at length to those he deems worthy of his discourse.
Pigham has a thick hide which can tolerate powerful blows, but it is still only flesh and vulnerable to bladed weaponry, guns, etc. His excessive weight does not appear to slow him down as much as one would imagine, but he is still not particularly swift.

Lacking the ability to travel interdimensionally on his own accord, Pigham must rely on the services of traveler demons for planar transit, much to his disgust. His dependence upon a sadistic traveler demon, Kashmir, has been a particular source of contention and occasional injury.

Pigham suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder as well as extended bouts of melancholy. Locked in his room for days at a time, Pigham has been known to munch down piles of chocolate chip cookies while brooding over some recent failure.
Special Effects (if any)
When smoking the hookah, Pigham's mind influencing skills are enhanced tremendously. If someone shares the hookah experience with him, it serves as the equivalent of a charm spell and, depending on their level of resistance, the victim can be under Pigham's hypnotic influence from a few hours or several days.
Description of Personality
All aspects of his life feed into the satisfaction of his obsessive pursuits. He is usually focused on obtaining a particular magic item or series of items.

But in daily interactions, Pigham is quite jovial and charming--the perfect host. Though if pricked, his mood can turn on a dime to cold contempt. Erudite, well-travelled, with high class tastes, Pigham has an artistocrat's expectation of privilege. He offers respect and admiration to those he considers his peers (including adversaries), but holds the general masses in contempt, eliminating those in his way as casually as he would stomp an annoying insect. Minions that have outstayed their usefulness often suffer the same fate.

Pigham's leadership skills appeal to the criminal type and he is able to create a riveting atmosphere and clear sense of mission. Through bribery and deception, Pigham as always been able to maintain respect and high standing in the community, but those "in the know" are aware of his underground exploits.
Brief History
As of this writing, two past lives of Pigham have been revealed. In The Maltese Mandala, Pigham and his salamander sidekick Sal, were in obsessive pursuit of the titular treasure. In The Spiraling Heart, again Pigham is on a quest for a magic item that he believes will satisfy his desire.

In The Napping Cat's Dream, as elsewhere, Pigham finds his mobility confined. Though he can travel within the threads of the Dream, he is unable to project his form beyond that realm to the greater multiverse of the Internet and outer worlds. He has expressed an interest in collecting signed versions of the avatar cards and in gaining greater control over manipulating his past life manifestations. It is unclear precisely what Pigham's agenda is at this time.
Key Appearances
First ever appearance in Memories & Worries
For his first past life appearance, Pigham brings out his hookah packed with The Good Stuff
Pigham tells Of The Gods Beyond and Pigham's Elusive Prize
Pigham guides Karol Luis on Creating A Map Of The Napping Cat's Dream
Pigham in a Wild West town in Hard Times At The Spittoon Saloon (Part 1) & Part 2
Pigham again summons Kashmir in Demonic Services Required
And gets burned in Intersecting Agendas
Pigham aquires a Psychedelic Avatar minion in Pigham's Offer
A brief and character revealing answer to the question, "What is your ambition?"
"My dear friends, I do not mind that you laugh -- quite the contrary - I encourage mirth. I realize that I may look fat and foolish, but I shall tell you one thing that you will never forget. There are indeed items of magic power out there and those who run the machines do not want them found. I intend to obtain them all."

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