how often should you shower

People can’t seem to agree on a number of times within a week they should be showering. In fact, some say that it depends on your skin or hair type. Other people claim that a daily shower will prevent you from bad odor. Opinions on this matter are really different. In fact, some people reported showering once every two or three days while, other people, are daily ‘showerers’. So, how often should you shower? We don’t have one only answer to this question but we will try to develop interesting information regarding the subject.

Unbelievable as it sounds, you can be showering more than you need to. According to dermatologists all around the world, you need to let your body develop the oils it needs to take care of your skin. By showering on a daily basis you are stopping these processes from happening. The right answer on many times a week or a month you need to go and take a long bath is: Whenever you feel like you need one! And we’re not talking about stress relieving. The decision should be made based on if your body needs a shower. And trust us, you will know.  

We say: It”s your choice! Shower as much as you want. 

Best Food Tv Shows to Watch

There is no doubt that food tv shows are taking over television who are not exclusive of food networks anymore, you can watch food shows anywhere and they are fun, entertaining and educative. You even get to know about the life of most characters and some background history.

On Netflix there are several shows to choose as Avec Eric, with Eric Ripert where you will find a lot of exotic food. Street Food Around the world is very entertaining to know different cultures and get some inspiration. Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown is an excellent show covering everything and very watchable, Cooked is another show you may like if you are into in-house food shows, a really good show.

Eat the World With Emeril Lagasse is a great show streaming on Amazon. Diners Drive-Ins and Dives from Food Network is very entertaining and you will get to know a lot of history. Fresh off the Boat is an ABC comedy happening in a restaurant and Star Plates on Food Network is a show that will show you how star chefs work during an ordinary restaurant service.

There are a lot of different styles to choose, highly entertaining and educational, some of them funny and some of them very fancy and professional.